energia ciepła

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PGE Energia Ciepła, Company of PGE Group, is the largest producer of electricity and heat in the process of high-efficiency cogeneration in Poland.

PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. supplies Kraków, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Wrocław with heat as well as Toruń and Zielona Góra, where it is the owner of the heating network. PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. is also owner of the system power plant in Rybnik.

PGE Energia Ciepła registered office is in Warsaw, whereas the Shared Services Centre and the R&D Centre are situated in Kraków.

PGE Energia Ciepła is the leader of the District Heating business line, created within the District Heating Strategy of PGE Capital Group.

PGE Energia Ciepła role in this project is to stimulate the transformation and development of the domestic district heating by using the growth potential of the district heating market in Poland. These actions aim at the improvement of air quality in the Polish cities as well as of the social welfare.

The activity of PGE Energia Ciepła as well as of its subsidiaries combines the business objectives with social responsibility. All the Companies are aiming at being the trustworthy partner, achieving the excellent results in safety and work ethics areas; being the employer who ensure the favourable work environment and finally at being the entities which care about the attractiveness of the regions where they are operating and contribute to its sustainable development.

Until 13 November 2017 the Dominant Entity of the highest level was the company EDF S.A. with its registered office in France.